Photos by Ales Vyslouzil.

My name is Ales and I am a Dubai based commercial photographer specializing in Architecture, Construction, Interiors, Industrial,  Commercial Spaces and Lifestyle. I also have a strong rock-climbing obsession.

A native of Czech Republic, a small country in the hearth of the Europe I grew in a small place surrounded  by nature and influenced by sports since my early childhood. 

I studied Architecture and Civil Engineering and finished my Master’s as a Structural Engineer from the Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Civil Engineering. During my university studies, I decided to venture to Lake Tahoe, California where I worked as a carpenter, rock-climbed around California and started taking photographs with my first Nikon DSLR camera. 

After I have finished my studies, I had a great opportunity to work for few different international construction and consulting companies, collaborating with Architects, University professors and smart professionals in the field of Construction and architecture design industry. That was a time when I grabbed my camera and photographed portfolios for the companies I was working for.

What started out by chance turned out to be the perfect mix of technicality and creativity for me, and I was immediately hooked with photographing architecture and interiors where I can use my two decades of professional architectural and construction experiences.

When I don’t photograph architecture and interiors, I travel, rock-climb and spend time with my family as well as getting in touch with as many new clients as possible.

Contact details

Ales Vyslouzil

Ales Photography FZ LLE

M: +971505873184

E: ales@photoales.com

W: www.photoales.com

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